Healthy Alternatives With Subway

Subway is a good place to try a healthy alternative to typical fast food. Not that all of the items are healthy or low in calories but I think it says something about a place that will allow you to see what they are putting on your sandwich. There are many good choices at Subway because they offer Subway discount codes on so much of a variety.

One of the best options for me is the vegetable pizza. I enjoy the bread and the fact that the veggies are not over cooked. It is healthy and inexpensive for a lunch or dinner meal. They also offer alternatives to soda, such as water or juice. The chips are available to purchase with a sandwich at a discount and they do offer baked varieties.

If I get a sandwich I will get something with chicken in it and try to go easy on the mayo, so it is a healthier sandwich. A 12 inch sandwich is enough for two meals for me, so I get one and save half for later. I also get a water and baked chips for the meal price.

Eating healthy isnt easy when leaving the house, but Subway offers many choices for those concerned with diet and health. A good tip is to load up on the veggies and stay away from fattening condiments.

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